The Price Is Right Plinko Pegs

Plinko must be one of the most heavily played cash games ever. Premiered on the iconic American TV show “The Price is Right” on January 3 in a remote 1983, Plinko required participants to guess the exact cost of different items to win good money. The debuted Plinko game on Price Is Right offered a unique arcade gameplay where players could experience the true thrill of gambling with a chance to win a hefty cash reward.

About Original Plinko Game Price Is Right

In the real game, the participant is provided with one round flat disk (known as a chip, puck, or ball), and they can win up to 4 additional disks using small rewards for a total of 5 disks. Small rewards are given one at a time, each having a two-digit price, where one of the digits is false. The participant needs to nick which number is true in order to win another disk together with the small reward.

Next, the participant takes the earned disks to the top of the Plinko game board. The board itself consists of numerous rows of pegs (obstacles), where each row is offset from the previous one. The bottom contains 9 holes, which have symmetrical cash denominations (from the edges to the center): $100, $500, $1000, $0, $10000.

One at a time, the player puts each disk above the playfield and lets it fall. As the disk is falling down, it randomly bumps up against pegs, which affects its trajectory and makes it hard to guess where the disk will eventually settle. In addition, the sides of the playfield have a zigzag design to make the disk bounce back towards the center. The participant will win as much money as indicated by the hole where the disk lands.

Feature Description
Game Debut 1983
Game Objective Drop a flat disc (chip) from the top of a pegboard, allowing it to bounce down randomly and land in one of several marked money slots at the bottom.
Number of Chips Contestants can win up to 5 chips: 1 free chip and up to 4 more by correctly pricing smaller items.
Prize Amounts The slots at the bottom offer various cash prizes, with a central $10,000 slot in the original version. Edge slots typically offer lower prizes.
Popularity One of the most iconic and beloved games on “The Price Is Right”. Its unpredictability and potential for large prizes generate significant excitement.

The participant is not allowed to quit with the money won after using one or several disks. Instead, the player must throw each disk, and the total winning sum is calculated after each round. This makes the classic Plinko Price Is Right Game risk-free.

The game became a massive hit on the Price is Right Show and inspired the appearance of the Price Is Right Plinko Game online analogs. Online Plinko doesn’t require you to first guess the price of a product to get your playing chips. Rather, you need to bet on the outcome of a Plinko game and foresee where the disk will emerge after falling from the top of the board.

Today, the Price Is Right Plinko Arcade Game is supported by many online casinos. There are also mobile apps, offering Plinko as smartphone software. Online variations will differ from the rules of the original TV game, and cash prizes can also be much more substantial.

Plinko Price Is Right Online Game

The idea of The Price Is Right Online Game Plinko is very simple. You need to drop a disk down the board, and your reward will depend on which destination (slot) the disk stops in. Each slot will have its own coefficient (multiplier), determining the size of the payout you will get based on your stake.

Different operators will set their distinct coefficients for rules and the Plinko Price Is Right Online Game. Some online casinos may establish smaller payouts, if the disk emerges in the center of the board, and have greater rewards if the disk arrives at the edge of the field’s bottom.

Other gambling platforms may stick to a completely opposite policy and offer more lucrative profits if the disk falls into the central slot, while the edges of the board will come with a tinier winning value.

The maximum winning coefficient per game will also depend on the quantity of rows the player selects. The complexity of online Plinko can range from 8 to 16 rows, with a varying risk level that is set by players to low, medium, or high.

In the Price Is Right Online Game Plinko, the number of lines can also be customized. Here, the lines refer to the number of balls to be thrown simultaneously down the playfield. A player can choose to play with one, two, or more disks at once.

To start playing Plinko, you just need to place a stake in an online gaming platform of your choice. Generally, the minimum stake in the online Plinko Price Is Right Game is 1 USD, and the maximum is 100 USD. The biggest coefficient you can expect from just one round is ×1000 of the stake, and the smallest is ×0.2. Obviously, each round of the Plinko game can bring money gains, and even if you hit the slot with the smallest coefficient, you are still able to return a percentage of your stake.

Most gambling platforms will offer the Price Is Right Plinko Online Game for free. This is very beneficial for individuals who are not familiar with the game mechanics and need some practice before staking real money. Other players may just want to relish the fun and excitement of gambling without risking their own cash.

20 Instant free spins + 160. A minimum deposit of $20 is required to receive the 180 free spins.
1st deposit 100% up to $100 or 1 BTC + 180 Free Spins
Perfect reputation

Play Plinko For Real Money

If you are looking to play Plinko Game Price Is Right online, make sure you do so through a certified casino site with an excellent reputation and convenient payment methods, like Blaze Casino. In most cases, you will also be offered a welcome bonus on your first deposit and a trial, risk-free version of Plinko. Grab your welcome casino bonus to get even more joy from the legendary game, and remember that online Plinko is perhaps the only game where there are no losers!

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